about us

The International Independent Film Platform (IIFP) is the outcome of two meetings of European film and media labs during Filmfestival Muenster in 2011 and 2013. The meetings were about alternative (ways of) filmmaking – next to already established majors, companies or art institutions:

The first gathering filmLab 2.0 – Professional Alternative Filmmaking in Europe was initiated in 2011 as an exchange of experiences among film and media labs around Europe. The two-day symposium dealt with the question of how the future will look like for these labs and where their creative and artistic potential lies. In 2013, Filmfestival Muenster took a step forward and invites representatives to a second meeting called filmLab EU, to develop concrete recommendations for a European network of these independent film collectives.

These groups are institutions that produce and distribute films, organize film festivals and film events, support alternative ways of filmmaking and/or provide technical support and a range of training and education programs in the field of filmmaking. What unites them and inspires their efforts is film work that fosters cultural growth and supports the next generation of filmmakers. They share a critical attitude towards conformity in film culture with the ambition to realize independent / autodidactic / professional / alternative film work.

At Filmfestival Muenster 2013, filmLab EU worked out useful strategies for a European cooperation of filmmaking protagonists and founded the International Independent Film Platform as a first idea, a forum and a practical form for a European network of independent filmmakers / collectives.

You are more than welcome to join the network, become an active member and be part of the mailinglist.
Feel free to contact filmlab@filmfestival-muenster.de for more information.