Burning Bridges, GB

Northampton, Great Britain

Paul Williams is the leader and founder of Burning Bridges. With over 20 years experience in the business & financing of the arts & sport he has successfully raised funds for various projects including feature-film, documentary, art galleries and motor racing. Presently establishing a Film as Art Cultural Centre in the Czech Republic with actor-auteur Crispin Glover, he is engaging partnerships and funding streams for the creation of a centre of excellence in low budget film making and film studies. Also engaged by organisations such as the London gallery, The Horse Hospital, and contemporary image making and film production specialists, no.w.here, Burning Bridges is about high quality, risk taking collaboration to solve difficult problems in fundraising, promotion and production for new and out-post tethered art. Recently produced by Burning Bridges: I Was Jack Goldstein, a play by the mysterious and notorious film maker and curator, CS Leigh – and a raunchy coffee table book about 70s porn movie posters, Sexytime by Jacques Boyreau.

Categories Agency, Production