Filmwerkstatt Münster, DE

Muenster, Germany

Since its foundation in 1981 the Filmwerkstatt’s aim has been to promote non-commercial, cultural cinema on a regional level. The Filmwerkstatt provides technical and content-oriented advice and support for film productions in Muenster and North Rhine-Westphalia, offers specialist training seminars and organises the screening of culturally ambitious film series, retrospectives and cinematographic projects.

Film Productions
We cannot possibly list here all the well-known directors, the titles of numerous ambitious short films, feature films and documentaries or the trailers which have been produced in co-operation with the Filmwerkstatt over the last few years. The Filmwerkstatt will continue to make its infrastructure, know-how and equipment available to filmmakers and other enthusiasts and to assist with any issues arising during production. Whether made by inexperienced yet creative beginners bursting with good ideas, old hands with irresistible charm, or talented underdogs with bad manners – the final products are all well worth seeing.

Film School
Besides regular specialist training seminars, the Film School offers interested junior filmmakers a range of theoretical classes covering all the appropriate technical und thematic aspects of professional film productions. Participants will become familiar with the different stages in the production process, from writing the script to editing the footage, thus gaining an authentic insight into the making of a film. In the collaborative film project produced at the close of each seminar, participants are given the opportunity to put their freshly acquired skills to the test and to further enhance them. This training and ongoing education project offers the opportunity for junior filmmakers to complete comprehensive basic training in cinematography outside the academic film schools. This will enable them to make informed decisions on a possible future career in the industry.

Film Festival
The “filmfestival münster” is dedicated to the independent German-language film and is held as a contest, presenting first films and creative productions by junior filmmakers of all lengths, genres and formats which have always delighted audiences over the years. Fringe sections give an overview of recent productions from the Netherlands and Belgium. The close links to filmmakers from our neighbouring countries have gradually evolved into a collaboration on a permanent basis, also with respect to screening venues.

Film Club
The Film Club was founded more than fifty years ago, making it one of the oldest film clubs in Germany. The Film Club provides a regular programme consisting of classic masterpieces, avant-garde and independent films as well as thematic programmes shown in one of Münster’s most traditional cinemas, the “Schloßtheater”. Filmmakers from Germany and other countries are invited to present their films in special venues und discuss them afterwards with the audience.

Multimedia Work
To our way of thinking, multimedia work means communication in an environment of media options that is rapidly changing. In the digital workshop television, radio, internet and video are put to use for local and regional projects.

The Film Group Muenster which runs the Filmwerkstatt is a registered non-profit organisation. It is funded by the Muenster Municipal Council and the North Rhine-Westphalian Federal State Government.

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