Kölner Filmhaus, DE

Cologne, Germany

The Filmhaus is for over 10 years the center for cinema culture, media education and filmmaking in Cologne. Originated from a filmmaker’s initiative, the Filmhaus today brings together under one roof a municipal cinema, an equipment rental facility, a restaurant, working and meeting places for filmmakers and the non-profit education and training department organized as the “Filmhaus Köln gGmbH”. Almost every day, there are seminars and courses taking place for filmmakers and everyone who wants to become one. The topics range from creative techniques in script development, staging and breakdown to the financing and distribution of film projects to the technical aspects of production and completion and include all departments in front of as well as behind the camera. The focus is on weekend seminars about individual aspects as well as on training courses for several months on specific jobs such as assistant director, production manager, camera assistant, production accountant, screenwriter for daily and serial formats, etc.
The Filmhaus Köln is a certified institution under the rules of the German employment authorities, while many courses lead to a final exam and diploma at the Chamber of Commerce.

Categories Education, Production