Studio West. Independent Film, AT

Salzburg, Austria

Studio West produces and supports the production, distribution and presentation of free-lance documentary films that deal with social, cultural and historical topics in a critical manner. We offer regular workshops, an infrastructure and a professional network for emergent and established free-lance film makers. Studio West organises public events, especially in cooperation with national and international partners, in order to offer our audience a broad and in-depth discussion on the theoretical, artistic and social aspects of film making. Together with international media, cultural and social initiatives Studio West works on new forms of media presentation and imparting of knowledge. Further, we represent the interests of film makers before the political decision-making bodies.

Studio West accompanies and supports screenwriters in the conception, development and realisation of their film projects. The focus of Studio West is on films that deal with social and cultural topics and allow new and unusual insights into the coherences and structures of our society. With its workshop series Studio West offers important training opportunities for film makers in the field of documentary and short film and supports Salzburg schools in this area. Our offers range from story development for film projects, the draft of exposés, camera techniques, sound recording and digital editing right up to animation techniques. Studio West organises series of documentary films and invites local as well as film makers from abroad to present their films in Salzburg. Moreover, the association supports the distribution and presentation of productions of its members at festivals and in cinemas throughout Europe. Studio West uses its international contacts to organise with partner organisations film festivals and symposiums on social, cultural and political topics and strives to enter new co-operations. At this the focus is on Middle and Eastern Europe. Studio West offers the hiring out of film, light and sound equipment and rents out editing rooms. The seminar room of Studio West and the working space is used by filmmakers and schools.

Categories Documentaries, Education