sweetSixteen-Kino, DE

Dortmund, Germany

sweetSixteen-Kino opened in October 2009 and is located in a former railroad depot in Dortmund (Ruhr Area, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany). It took the group more than 2 years to renovate the space into a cinema hall with foyer and projection room. The name “sweetSixteen” refers back to the first public screenings the group organized in the early 2000s with 8mm and 16mm-projectors. And this is still our main focus, mission and aim: to support analog film screenings and education.

We are a so called “art house movie theatre”, but instead of the big art house films we focus on independent productions, supporting the regional film scene, young filmmakers, distributors and artists. We concentrate on documentaries with social value and children’s films.

We also collect 16mm movies with a main focus on educational films, children’s films and movies about the Ruhr Area. Our archive consists of about 3.000 film reels which are presented on a regular basis.

sweetSixteen filmclub e.V. is a not for profit / registered association, organized as a collective. We’re all (3-4 permanent staff and a handfull volunteers) working on a voluntary basis.

Categories Analogue, Movie theater